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About Us

We are reinventing the wheel with open MRI centers in Singapore. The last open mri center closing a few years back , the opinion has been that open MRIs do not provide the quality, speed and resolution on close MRIs.

Thanks to the Invention from Time Medical, of HTS coils, we will have the opportunity to match the closed MRI imaging using open magnets.

We have setup the center in the heartlands of Singapore, at Hougang, with the vision of serving the community with affordable advanced MRI whole body scans.  The center is operated by Clarity Radiology which has the vision of replicating such budget diagnostic centers throughout Asia.

Our Advantages are:
Exceptional Customer Service
Exceptional customer service is our specialty and is what truly makes our MRI facility unique. Whether you’re the patient, clinician, or staff from the referring doctor’s office, what you need is what matters most to us, We promise to provide you with top-quality, efficient services with the attention to detail that we would want if we were in your shoes.
Immediate Appointments
At Hougang Open MRI Center, we strive to accommodate our patients the same day they contact us for their appointment.
Low Self-Pay Rates
No insurance, or low Medisave Funds? Don’t worry. Hougang Open MRI Center consistently offers the lowest self-pay rates in Singapore for MRI scans. Call us today to learn more about our self-pay prices.
A Non-Claustrophobic MRI
MRI scanners come in many different shapes and sizes. The scanner at Hougang Open MRI Center is the “most open” open MRI in Singapore. No claustrophobic tunnels where patients feel trapped and alone. Our spacious scan room allows a parent, friend or other individual to sit alongside the patient during the scan. Many patients are relieved to be next to, or holding the hand of, a loved one during the procedure. Simply alert our patient coordinator during scheduling if you are nervous about the test and we can suggest ways to make the process more comfortable for you.
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Tel : +65 94747458
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